Our Team

Edwin Salcedo

Executive Director and Founder of The Pilas Colombia Corporation

Creator of the PC Films & TV initiative; publicist with studies in Experimental Film (SUNY/Buffalo), Social Marketing, Human Rights (IIDH), Economic Development (EGAT/USA) and Leadership for Development (GWU/USA). Master in Current Democracies (UPF/Barcelona) and currently pursuing the Master’s Degree in Development and Culture (UTB/Cartagena). Expert in diversity and inclusion for ethnic minorities. Founder of the Anti-Discrimination Observatory of Cartagena (ODAR). Edwin Salcedo has been working for the development and positive visibility of Afro-Colombian, Palenquero and Raizal communities for more than twenty years, using all the tools available: the creation of audiovisual content for TV and film is the most powerful and massive of all.


Director of Cinema and TV

With studies at the New York Film Academy, (NYC/USA). Basile during his corporative career —for over 15 years— in RCN Television as a Production VP, produced and directed more than five independent films, more than twenty successful TV soap opera productions. More recently Alessandro Basile has joined the production team PC Films & TV as director and creative consultant for audiovisual contents. Basile was recently won the India Catalina Award for Best Television Series Director for directing, “La Niña Emilia, Déjala Morir”.


Psychologist and Screen-Writer

Psychologist and screen-writer. He has served as a screenwriter for the most important private and public channels in Colombia for more than twenty-five years with great TV hits such as: Dog Love, Love Letters, Forbidden Games, “Joe Arroyo” The Legend, Celia and La Niña Emilia. Salgado is the winner of two TV&Novelas Awards, three India Catalina awards and one Simón Bolívar award. Andrés Salgado is recently writing projects for Panama, the United States, Argentina and Mexico television and other platforms.


Maestro in Dramatic Arts and Dramaturgy

TV actor, theater and film for more than 25 years; instructor and director of actors, has been part of more than twenty television projects, thirty-five plays and ten films in Colombia and Italy. She has won the moment as Best Actor of the Year award of the year 2011 and was recently awarded the Indian Catalina Award, best supporting actor for his work in “La Niña Emilia, Déjala Morir”.


Director of Photography, DP

Ruben studied film and television at Black Maria School, emphasizing film photography at the New York Film Academy with Shane Hurlbut (Terminator) and Canon/B and H Filmmaker’s Workshop with Bruce Dorn, and Vincent Laforet; and HDSLR Cinema Workshop with Shane Hurlbut ASC in Los Angeles. In addition Rubén has worked for large companies such as: National Geographic, Fox Channel, Vice Media LLC, Discovery Channel Netflix and Signal Colombia. Recently Rubén won double India Catalina as Best Photographer and Best Photography for her work in the series La Niña Emilia.

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